Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Patience Loader

Patience is one of my ancestors, one of Amy and James' many children. She emigrated from England with her family and joined the Martin Handcart company in 1856.

Her block is the Patience block:


This is still your basic 9 patch construction.  After you have cut your pieces, assemble your flying geese units like this: layer one 3" square on top of one rectangle and sew corner to corner as seen in the photo below (top piece).  Flip the corner back and press, then trim out the excess fabric.  Repeat for the other side of the rectangle, also shown below.  Make four of these flying geese units.

Assemble your block and sew together in rows and press:

Sew your rows together and press to complete your block!  Email me or call if you need help. It has been suggested that you may want to make 2 of each block because this will make your quilt large enough.  Making two at a time is really no more difficult than making one, trust me!

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